I currently work in the field of Vaxenology in the quaint village of Riyadh on the outskirts of the R’hub Al Khali.  This is an area where it costs more to order plain DiHydrogen-Monoxide with your lamburger than it does to order it with C6H12O4 and a smidgeon of flavoring.  This is probably because the latter beverage is an artifically induced carbon sink.  Either that, or water is worth more than oil.

I am a classical liberal in the mold of James Madison with a smidgeon of Thomas Jefferson thrown in for good measure.

The picture was taken north of Thummah on the way back from hunting Desert Diamonds.

Why the title?  It is southwestern slang for pinto beans.  I grew up eating these tasty critters because we were too poor to afford much of anything else other than liver and onions.  I came to love the beans, tolerate the onions and despise the liver.

Okay, okay, as much as I love beans, I would never have dreamed of using the name unless some underhanded, greedy and unscrupulous types hadn’t beaten me to the best names available on the ‘net.

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